A Concise Overview [update 2020, January 8th]

RAFFAELE PISANO (Italy, 1970) is a full physicist. He studied at the Federico II Napoli University (Italy) and PhD at the La Sapienza Roma University (Italy). I awarded my Habilis (HDR–Accreditation to Supervise Research) at Philosophy, history of sciences Poincaré centre, Lorraine University, France. I am currently Full Professor, Lille University, France (& additional responsibility as faculty member) and Linus Pauling Memorial Lecturer (ISEPP, Portland State University, USA). I served (2011-2017) as Vice President (2011, elected in Nancy, France) and now I serve (2017, elected, Rio de Janeiro) as President the Inter–Divisional Teaching Commission (DLMPS/IUHPST/DHST).

Elected (2019) Member of the COREI - International Commission of the Lille University, France.

Former head (2011-2013) of the Research Centre for the Theory and History of Science (West Bohemia–Plzen University, Czech Republic); elected ESHS–officer (2006–2012).  Affiliated at HPS Unit, Sydney University, Australia. University qualifications (CNU [72, 17], MIUR [MCF B2/02–FIS/08; 11/C2; 02/A2]): History–epistemology of science and technique, Philosophy, History of physics–Didactics of physics, Logics–History and Philosophy of Science, Theoretical physics and fundamental interactions

After a post-lauream School of Specialisation for theory and Physics/Mathematics Teaching (SICSI, Federico II University, a.y. 2001/02-2002/03) and related Secondary school teaching qualifications (cert-agr.) at the MIUR & SICSI, Federico II University [A038, A049, A047, A048) Physics, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics, Applied mathematics, I got my Ph.D. (La Sapienza Roma University, Italy) in History of mechanics and epistemology–architecture, teaching topics. I am known for my international research, organizing (i.e. Lille International Summer Schools for Sciences, History and Philosophy of Sciences, Technology & Science Education).

183 publications (plus pre-print) in History of Physics (physics/mathematics), History, logic and epistemology of science,  NoS, Foundations of Science, Historical reflection on the science impact in the society. Springer co–author: Lazare and Sadi Carnot (2014 with Charles Gillispie, Princeton, USA). Tartaglia’s Science of Weights and Mechanics in Sixteenth–Century (2015). Springer Editor: A Bridge between Conceptual Frameworks, Science, Society and Technology Studies (2015). Galileo’s Iuvenilia works (Phil. Scientae, special issue, with Paolo Bussotti, 2017). Homage to Koyré (Springer, with Joseph Agassi and Draria Drozdova, 2017). Homage to Leibniz (with Michel Fichant, Agamenon Oliveira and Paolo Bussotti, London College Publications, 2017), Forthcoming: on Geneva Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (5 vols. Oxford University Press, 2022, with Paolo Bussotti). Pre-print: English Translation and Critical Commentaries of Galileo's Le mecaniche (with Romano Gatto; Springer, 2020); English Critical Translation of Lazare Carnot's main Mechanical Works (1786, 1803, 1803; Springer 2019-2022).


  • Full Faculty Professor (CNU 72) of History of Physics, History and Epistemology of science & scientific activities/analysis/teachings
  • 183 publications: History of Physics, History of physics-mathematics, History and Historical Epistemology of Sciences, Foundations of Science, NoS, Science & Society, Intellectual History/Ideas, Comparative History.
  • Teaching (L3, M1, M2), Topics: History of Physics and Chemistry | History and Epistemology of Modern Physics | Science & Society | History of Science and Scentific Teaching Activities/education | Historical Contextualization-NoS | Analyses Activities | Docimology | et al.
  • Supervisor PhD theses: 3 (Mr. Cioci | Mr. Vincent | Mr. Durlo) pre-print
  • Co-Supervisor PhD theses: 1 (Mr. Lusito, Italy) pre-print
  • Welcome PhD Student/Expert: 1 (Mr. Brasili, PhD Student, 2nd year, University of Camerino, Italy) Jan.-march 2020
  • 2018-2019 Supervisor M2 dissertations: 1) El Fazazi, Les schémas en sciences et enseignement des sciences : cas de deux séquences (Dissertation: 2019 26th June);  2) Kopf (La conceptualisation de l’espace et du temps en géométrie : construction de la capacité d’abstraction (Dissertation: 2019 26th June); 3) Delagrange, Étude sur l’enseignement–apprentissage de l’arithmétique : conceptualisation des nombres et symbolismes (Dissertation: 2019 26th June);
  • Referee/Expert/Evaluator: applications from several countries
  • Referee, Book reviewer for several international journals and publishers.
  • et al.

Ante Litteram

"Thought does not respect national frontiers. Yet scientific ideas are far from stateless citizens". (Thackray, A. 1970. Atoms and Powers. Cambridge MA. The Harvard Univ. Press, p. 4, line 4)

"Audentes fortuna iuvat" (Vergilius, Æneis, X, 284)

"Per aspera ad astra" (Cicero, De natura deorum III, 40; Vergilius, Æneis, IX, 641; Seneca, Hercules furens, II, 437-441)




A History of the Mathematics of Population

University of Oxford, UK




History of Physics, Theory and Nature of Science & People without Frontiers


3rd IDTC International Summer School for Sciences | History, Philosophy and Foundations of Sciences | Applied Sciences & Technology | Education
2019, June 3rd-6th | LILLIAD LEARNING CENTER INNOVATION, Lille University, France




IDTC International and Interdisciplinary Colloquium
RPM.I 2018 
The Relationship between Physics and Mathematics in the History of Science & Nature of Science: How the Histories and Philosophies of Sciences Have Been Written?

Hosted by IDTC and LSCHT/ENSAP-Lille University | in collaboration with Lille University, France

Organizing and Scientific Committes

Raffaele Pisano (Lille University, France)
Antonella Mastrorilli (ENSAP-Lille University, France)
[et al. see weblink below]

2018, December 3rd, Ecole Doctorale, F1.07, Lille(3) University, France


Main Topics
Thinking Science, Foundations, Argumentation, Reasoning and Interplays among Sciences, Logics and Nature of Teaching Science, Education, Pedagogy, Learning-Teaching, Architecture/Mechanics, Museum/Exhibits & Management 

Download poster here



Cognition, Reasoning and Changes 2018-2019
Lille University and UCLouvain Bilateral Project - with IDTC Participating -

Organizing and Scientific Committes

Raffaele Pisano (Lille University, France)
Shahid Rahman (Lille University, France)
Antonella Mastrorilli (ENSAP-Lille University, France)
Patricia Radelet de Grave (LLN University, Belgium)
Baudouin Van den Abeele (LLN University, Belgium)


 CRC 2018 is an international and interdisciplinary project focused on the development of jointly innovative research initiatives – hypothesis & perspectives into History of sciences and Nature of scince taching – between Lille University (France), Catholic University Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and in collaboration of the IDTC–Interdivisional Teaching Commission. It is financed by Lille and LLN Bilateral Project 2018-2019. The events dates of seminars and workhops will be both at LLN and Lille Universities sites.


Recent Direction Special Issues History of Science & Nos (Physics, Mathematics, Foundations, Nature of Scence-Education):

2019. Foundations of Science (Springer) [co-guest editor]

  • James Joule’s Bicentenary: Foundations and Nature of Science Teaching. IDTC Special Issue. Foundations of Science, pre-print

2018. Transversal [guest editor/co-author]

  • Pisano R (ed) Methods and Cognitive Modelling in the History and Philosophy of Science–&–Education IDTC Special Issue Transversal Historiography of Science 5

2017. Philosophia Scientiae [co-guest editor/co-author]

  • Pisano R, Bussotti P (eds). Homage to Galileo Galilei 1564–2014. Reading Iuvenilia Galilean Works within History and Historical Epistemology of Science. Special Issue Philosophia Scientiae, 21/1

Un aperçu concis [update 2020, 8 Janvier]

RAFFAELE PISANO (1970, Italie) – physicien complet de formation (Federico II, Napoli, Italie), spécialisation post–Lauream en physique–mathématiques (SICSI, 2001/02-2002/03 Federico II, Napoli, Italie), « Ph.D » (La Sapienza, Roma, Italie), habilis (HDR, Lorraine, France), « Linus Pauling Memorial Lecturer » (ISEEP, Portland, USA), « Vice-président » (élu, Nancy, 2011-2017) et « Président » (élu, Rio de Janeiro, 2017) de l’Internationl divisional Teaching Commission.

Élu (2019) membre de la commission COREI - Commission internationale de l'Université de Lille.

Il est Professeur des Universités (Université de Lille, France). Qualifications Universitaires (CNU [MCF et PU 72, 17], MIUR [MCF B2/02–FIS/08; 11/C2; 02/A2]) : Épistémologie, histoire des sciences et des techniques | PhilosophieHistoire et didactique de la physique | Physique théorique et interactions fondamentales | Logique, histoire et philosophie des sciences ;  Qualifications (Cert.-agr.) dans  l'enseignement secondaire/Lycée­ [MIUR [A038, A047, A049; A047]) : Physique | Mathématique | Mathématique et Physique | Mathématiques appliqués.

Ses publications (183, publications entre livres/revues internationales) concernent : histoire de la physics,  (physique-mathématiques), NoS,  Épistémologie/Logique des sciences, Histoire comparative, Modélisations dans l’histoire des science, Relation physique–mathématiques en histoire des science, exhibits, enseignement scientifique (Lycée, Université), la réflexion historique sur l'impact de sciences dans la société. Pre-print: English Translation and Critical Commentaries. On Geneva Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (5 vols. Oxford University Press, 2022 with Paolo Bussotti, pre-print); Galileo's Le mecaniche, English Translation and Critical Commentaries (avec Romano Gatto; Springer, 2020, pre-print), Lazare Carnot's Main Mechanical Works (1786, 1803, 1803; Springer) et al. svp voir ci-dessous.

  • Professeur des universités titulaire (CNU 72) d'Histoire de la physique, Histoire et épistémologie des sciences et activités/analyse/enseignements scientifiques
  • 183 publications sur : Histoire de la physique, Histoire de la physique-mathématiques, Histoire, logique et épistémologie des sciences, historique des sciences, NoS, Science et société, Histoire intellectuelle / Idées, Histoire comparée.
  • Enseignement (L3, M1, M2), sujets : Histoire de la physique et de la chimie | Histoire et epistémologie de la physique moderne | Histoire des sciences et activités d'enseignement scientifique/education | Contextualisation historique-NoS | Activités d'analyse | Docimologie | et al.
  • Direction thèses de doctorat : 2 (M. Cioci | M. Vincent | Mr. Durlo) en cours 
  • Co-Direction thèses de doctorat : 1 (M. Lusito, Italy) en cours
  • Welcome PhD Student : 1 (Mr. Brasili, PhD Student, 2nd year, University of Camerino, Italy) Jan-Mars 2020
  • 2018-2019 Direction mémoire M2 : 1) El Fazazi, Les schémas en sciences et enseignement des sciences : cas de deux séquences (Soutenance: 2019 26th June);  2) Kopf (La conceptualisation de l’espace et du temps en géométrie : construction de la capacité d’abstraction (Soutenance: 2019 26th June); 3) Delagrange, Étude sur l’enseignement–apprentissage de l’arithmétique : conceptualisation des nombres et symbolismes (Soutenance: 2019 26th June);
  • Referee / Expert / Evaluateur: dossier depuis plusieurs pays
  • Referee, Book reviewer pour plusieurs revues internationales et éditeurs.
  • et al.