Professional background


1978 Baccalauréat series B (Lycée Fénelon, Lille)
Title of the School of Secretaries and Administrative Attachés (Catholic Faculties)
Deug in Art History (Lille 3)
Degree in Art History (Lille 3)
C2 (oral) and Master's thesis in Art History (Lille 3)
Master's degree in Archaeology (Lille 3) - with honours
DEA in Ancient Sciences (Lille 3) - with honours

Languages studied

Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Grec moderne


2007 Chevalier des palmes académiques
Officer of the Academic Palms
Commander of the Academic Palms

Professional background

1979-1990 Computer secretary at the Arlum Company (lighting, illuminated signs)
1979-1984 Vacant at the Centre d'Histoire de la Région du Nord et de l'Europe du Nord-Ouest, (Lille 3) and at the Revue du Nord (Lille 3)
March 1984 Trainee at the EAP-Centre Malesherbes, Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1984-1985 Temporary employee at the Centre de télé-enseignement Lille 31986 - 1987 Tupperware presenter (concession in Houplines, 10 months)
1987-1990 Contractual agent in the Teaching Personnel Department of Lille 3
1990-1996 Contractual engineer, tenured by competition in December 1992: head of cabinet of the President of Lille 3
1997-2000 Research engineer, in charge of studies at the Cabinet of the President of Lille 3
2000-2015 Research Engineer - Research Development, Communication, Databases at a Lille 3 research centre specialising in the study of ancient worlds (2000-2001: Halma EA 2457; 2002-2005: Halma UMR 8142; 2006-2014 Halma-Ipel UMR 8164; 2015-2019: Halma UMR 8164)
2016-... Research engineer [Research engineer on the list of suitable candidates on 1 September 2017 (BAPJ-Family "Valorisation de la Recherche")]. - General Secretary, Research Valorization, Communication, New Technologies Pole (Image and Text Databases, Electronic and "Paper" Editions, Web, Blogs) at the IRHiS research centre of the ULille.

Specialised vocational training

Print and electronic publishing
       + QuarkX Press (beginner)
       + InDesign CS, Wordpress adapted to publications
       + Hypothè training, Paris 13 January 2012 (Cléo)
       + Lodel training, Paris, 4-5 April 2013, 26-27 January 2015 (Cléo)

Office software, DTP, image processing, web, networks
       + FileMaker Pro, since version 7 (Éode training, Paris; annual conferences: Paris March 2009, La Rochelle-19-21 May 2011, Toulouse-18-20 October 2012, Lyon-25-27 October 2013, Toulouse-23-25 October 2014, Lyon-21-23 October 2015, Avignon-19-21 October 2016)
       + Excel, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS for posters, kakemonos, publications...
       + Dreamweaver, Typo3 for website creation and updating

Administrative and accounting management tools
       + New tools Lille 3: Owncloud (file sharing), Nuxéo (document sharing)
       + NabWeb: use of credits, budget monitoring (Lille 3)
       + Applications Missions, Moodle, Recruitment of temporary workers (Lille 3)
       + Preparation for competitive examinations, preparation of an activity report (Lille 3)
       + Financial management: new version of Xlab Finance, Xlab Finance, initiation, expenses, budget/revenue
       + Xlab Finance perfectionnement (CNRS)
       + Labintel beginner (CNRS)
       Labintel Beginner (CNRS) + Lab and Service Manager (CNRS)
       + New version of Geslab, WebContrat, Canopé-vacations
       + Mind mapping conceptual map

Bibliography, bibliographic databases
       + EndNote: from bibliographic management to publication (CNRS)
       + PubliCnrs: entering and searching for publications (CNRS)
       + HAL (CNRS)
       + Zotéro (Lille 3)

Other training/workshops/webinars
       + Role of IST professionals to offer a better visibility to the work of SHS research actors (CNRS Paris, 2016)
       + ANGD on Digital Management of Research Sources in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Aussois 11-15 October 2010) (CNRS)
       + INIST-CNRS professional meetings: *New products-new uses, Nancy 16-18 June 2008; *New models of scientific communication. Les relations avec les éditeurs, Nancy 22-24 June 2009 (CNRS)
       + Seminar of the MMCC/DPMA network The renovation and development of museums and places of memory, Paris 11-13 December 2019
       + HumaNum Day Preserving digital data, Campus Condorcet 6-7 February 2020
       + Professional Networks at the service of SHS research units and services day, CNRS MSH Paris Nord 13-14 October 2020
       + INSHS-CNRS Valorisation Correspondents' Day, online 27 May 2021
       + Webinar of the MMCC/DPMA network Developing sponsorship for my organisation: interests, limits and methodology, online 16 and 24 June 2021
       + 2nd convention of communication actors at the CNRS, Cité des sciences 5-6 July 2021
       + CNRS national training action Managing data in the field of social sciences and humanities with the services and tools proposed by the TGIR HumaNum, online 16-30 September 2021
       + Webinar of the MMCC/DPMA network Places of memory and sustainable development, online 14 October 2021
       + MMCC/DPMA network seminar-workshop Digital innovation, Centre d'histoire du mémorial 14-18 Notre-Dame-de-Lorette (Souchez) 22-24 November 2021
       + National training action Com'On (CNRS), Twitter workshop, online 10-11 January 2022
       + Ministry of Culture symposium Un patrimoine pour l'avenir une science pour le patrimoine, online 15-16 March 2022
       + GERiiCO conference Modelling heritage data and feedback, online 25 March 2022
       + GERiiCO Conference Heritage platforms: towards the opening of data, online 7 April 2022
       + Training in the valorisation of SHS-CNRS, Campus Condorcet 16-18 May 2022)
       + NIMS 2022 Forum New initiatives in scientific mediation, Lyon Techn-La Doua/Villeurbanne Campus 1 June 2022

Meetings of the ULille and CNRS RAs

Webinars organised by the network of communication officers, Com'On-CNRS

Laboratory life, university environment
       + Workshops Knowledge of the University, Organisation and functioning of a research centre, Aspects of management and organisation of research (Lille 3)
       + Workshops on institutional culture (Lille 1)
       + Accident-Incident-Event (CNRS)
       + Fire-fighting-Extinguisher (CNRS)
       + ACMO Hygiène et Sécurité (CNRS)
       + AGATE-TEMPO training for CNRS leave management

Other activities

Tour guide
           + for various private and associative organisations, visits to exhibitions and cities of art and history, in the region, in France and in Italy (Clio les Amis de l'Histoire, Amis des Musées de Lille...)
           + guide at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Arras (1986-1990).

           + for various private and associative organisations, on subjects of art history, regions or cities of art.

Member of editorial committees (2000-2014)
           + Revue Nord', critical and creative literary review of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (honorary member)
           + Revue Roman 20-50, literary review on the novel of the 1920s-1950s.