Samuel Trainor

Maître de conférences - Traduction / traductologie

Samuel Trainor

Maître de conférences - Traduction / traductologie


Traduction et ...

Transparency and Desire, contrapuntal translation theory

  • Monograph in preparation: Transparent Desire: the contrapuntal future of translation

Creative Writing

  • Integration of the theories, practices and pedagogies of translation and creative writing. A key concept is the Creative Calque

Calligrammes, Logogrammes and Concrete Poetry

Ideologies: imperialisms, gender/genre(s)

  • e.g. « From défrichement to déchiffrement: the linguistic cultivation of rural France and the aftermath of traductologie », in Les territoires de la traduction, Ronald Jenn et Corinne Oster (éds.) Artois Presses Université, 2014. 55 – 78.

Functional Layering (and Skopos Theory)

  • The imaginative (and sometimes literal) separation of source text and target text into layers with diverse functions in both the analysis and production of translations. The stratified extra-dimensional approach to translation has ethical as well as technical and creative applications.

New Technologies of Reading and Writing, and the Synoptic Hypothesis

  • The Synoptic Hypothesis: Modes of textual reception and composition will become increasingly and irreversibly synoptic, such that multiple versions of a text and its paratexts can be read, rewritten and appended – both by individuals and groups of collaborators – together and more or less simultaneously.
       Were the hypothesis proven, one simple upshot would be that the assumed absence or inaccessibility of the source text in reception of a target text would no longer be tenable in translation theory.