French and foreign degrees

  • Bachelor of Science in chemistry at Juniata College (PA, USA), 1995.
  • Master in organic chemistry  at USTL (Lille, FR) 1996 (DEA)
  • Engineer Degree in chemistry at HEI (Lille, FR) 1996.
  • PhD in organic chemistry at USTL with honors (Lille, FR), 1999.
  • Degree in Drug Design at the University of Lille 2 (ICPAL, Lille)  2001.
  • Habilitation for research supervision (HDR) at the University of Lille 2, 2004.
  • PharmD at the University of Lille 2, 2009

Prizes and Honors

  • Michel Delalande Prize from the Academie Nationale de Pharmacie 2020
  • Member of the Institut Universitaire de France 2015 promotion
  • Research Incentive Prize “Prix d'Encouragement à la Recherche” 2009 – Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT)-Servier (French Medicinal Chemistry Society)

Research & Professional experiences

2010-now: Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry - School of Pharmacy, Lille, France.

  • Team leader @ Inserm U1177 Institut Pasteur de Lille, University of Lille:
  • Metalloprotease inhibitors in metabolic, autoimmune diseases and cancer

2002-2010: Ass. Professor- School of Pharmacy, Lille, France.

  • Team leader @ CNRS UMR8525 then INSERM U1177 (formerly U761) Institut Pasteur de Lille (FR) University of
  • Metalloprotease inhibitors in infectious metabolic diseases, osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s disease

2001-2002: PostDoc fellow (ATER)- School of Pharmacy, Lille, France.

  • Researcher @ CNRS UMR8525 Lille (FR)
  • Antimalarial PfAM1 inhibitors

1999-2001: PostDoc fellow, School of Pharmacy, University of Lille2 (FR).

  • Researcher @ CNRS UMR8525 Lille (FR)
  • Design of heterocyclic libraries for screening on C. elegans. (coll. DeVGen.NV, Ghent, BE).

1996-1999: PhD student at CEREP.SA (Campus Pasteur, Lille, France).

  • Supervisors Pr Tartar/Pr Sergheraert
  • Combinatorial chemistry for the discovery & optimization of leads, application to the mu opiate receptor.