Temporary Teaching and research Assistant in Health Psychology, Psychology Department, Faculty PsySEF.

PhD Student, Clinical health psychologist.

My thesis is entitled "Towards a dyadic approach to supporting persons with neurodegenerative diseases and their partners" and is supervised by Prof. Pascal Antoine. It is funded by LabEx Distalz (Development of Innovative Strategies for a Transdisciplinary approach to ALZheimer’s disease) and Région Hauts de France. 



Latest actualities

Podcast Emission "Moteur de recherche" - Radio Campus: Participation in the Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand's "Moteur de recherche", cross interview with Lilas Haddad (SCALab) and Amélie Rémy-Néris (SCALab) on the stereotypes on research in psychology. Broadcast on Thursday 25 November at 8am on Radio Campus Lille (106.06) and available as a podcast on the website (http://campuslille.com/).

Participation in the 30th edition of the Fête de la science, from 7 to 10 October 2021: the emotion of discovery. Animation "Big zoom on emotions", with Nahid Bakkali, Fanny Degouis, Lilas Haddad (SCALab). Museum of natural history of Lille.