Seminar David Sedlak (Berkeley)

Prof. David Sedlak (Berkeley) gave a seminar entitled "The fate of chemical contaminants in potable water reuse systems" on 26th Nov. in LASIR.






Seminar Urs von Gunten (EAWAG-EPFL)

Prof. Urs von Gunten gave a seminar entitled "Enhanced municipal wastewater treatment for micropollutant abatement by ozone on 20th Nov in LASIR.

Dernières actualités

Review paper in Water Research

Adusei Gyamfi, J., Ouddane, B., Rietveld, L., Cornard, J.P., Criquet J., 2019 Natural organic matter-cations complexation and its impact on water treatment: A critical review. Water Research 160, 130-147.