Results of RESEAU's project published in STOTEN

Walaszek M., Cary, L., Billon, G., Blessing, M., Bouvet-Swialkowski, A., George, M., Criquet J., Mossmann J.R. Dynamics of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons in the Chalk aquifer of northern France Science of The Total Environment. In Press

Results of DOC2C's project published in JECE

MacKeown, H., Adusei Gyamfi, A., Delaporte, M., Schoutteten, K.V.K.M., Verdickt, L., Ouddane, B., Criquet, J., 2020. Removal of disinfection by-product precursors by ion exchange resins. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 104602.

PEARL project financed by i-site foundation

 Karlien Degaeger will start a PhD in our group in Fall 2020.





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Call for Papers on Special Issue: Aquatic Chemical Risk Induced by Viral Disinfection

As Guest editor, I invite you to contribute to this special issue :

  • Aquatic ecological integrity impact after disinfection;
  • Viral disinfection mechanism and kinetics;
  • Aquatic ecological toxicity of residual disinfectant;
  • Formation of toxic DBPs during disinfection;
  • Optimized trade-off between viral disinfection and DBP formation.

Submission Period:  until July 2021