My scientific interest is mainly in (non-formal) semantics and pragmatics. Most of my research relates to the verb phrase (tense, aspect, modals) in English, with a particular concern for the semantics-pragmatics divide. In 2013, I organized a workshop series on the semantics-pragmatics interface and in 2014, I was the co-organizer of a workshop on pragmatic enrichment. A volume of papers Semantics and pragmatics. Drawing a line, which I co-edited with Raf Salkie, was published in 2017 (Springer). The ongoing (ANR-FNS funded) REM (Rethinking English Modal constructions) project (2017-2021) critically assesses different quantitative methods that can lay bare the speaker's choice of modals and positions itself with respect to qualitative questions as to what is pragmatic/semantic about modal meaning. I have published a grammar of English with Chad Langford (2012); the second edition appeared in 2019 (Advanced English Grammar. A linguistic approach, Bloomsbury). I have recently co-authored (with Sofie Decock and Nicolas Ruytenbeek) papers that analyse linguistic (in)directness and the perception of linguistic politeness in online complaints.  

Research topics

- pragmatic theory

- politeness theory

- mood and modality in English

- aspect and tense in English