Nathalie Crochepeyre Flament is a member of the 'Norms and Social Practices' team, where she serves as a research engineer.

This section explores the emergence of social law during the late 19th century on a European and even international scale. The initial focus was on Belgium due to its geographical proximity and the permeability of its border, which facilitated daily migratory flows with the North. This raised questions about the treatment of 'foreigners' under this nascent legal framework and, more broadly, their social protection. Both Belgium, France and other European nations in the latter half of the 19th century had initiated reforms regarding liability for work-related accidents, establishing similar systems. Building upon these initial inquiries, the attention shifted to studying the first international congresses on the social question. Prior to the establishment of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 1919, there was already a growing movement in Europe to find a common social solution for labor relations among nations. This intellectual explosion encompassed issues as crucial as safeguarding the rights of children and women in the workplace, addressing work-related accidents, and establishing weekly rest periods. Despite the significance of the numerous international congresses held in the late 19th and early 20th centuries on social law matters, they remain relatively unexplored. Nevertheless, their endeavors laid the foundations for the prevailing schools of thought that continue to shape contemporary law in this field. Consequently, particular emphasis is paid to the emergence of a distinct legal framework specifically tailored to women in the workplace.

Nathalie Crochepeyre Flament contributes to various aspects of research, including collecting archival and bibliographical sources, disseminating knowledge, and conducting scientific research through her own investigations in these areas. Her involvement with the social law research team (L'EREDS) at the Centre de Recherche Droits et Perspectives du Droit (CRDP - ULR n°4487), where she is pursuing her thesis in positive law, strengthens the natural synergy between the two disciplines: the history of social law and social law itself.

Additionally, she is responsible for developing the Acci-travail website.

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