Laura Lazartigues

Campus Pont de bois - Bureau A4.321
Schools and divisions Research topics Learning and using statisitcal regularities in language Keywords Statistical learning, Transitional probabilities, Sequential processing, Prediction, Language


My research focuses on statistical learning, particularly within sequences. Statistical learning is known to be involved in language (speech segmentation, grammar acquisition, vocabulary etc...), nevertheless the factors taken into account when learning sequences (language or not) and the mechanisms of statistical learning are still to be specified.

In my past research, I explored the effect of several factors within non-language sequences (visuo-spatial sequences), then language sequences (pseudo-words) using paradigms involving eye-tracking and pointing tasks (touch screen).

My current aim, in line with my past work, is to determine which factors derived from statistical learning are used in language comprehension, and what is the role of prediction in language learning and processing.