Julie Bastianutti

Maîtresse de conférences CNU : SECTION 06 - SCIENCES DE GESTION Lab(s)


SOIE : Stratégie, Organisation, Innovation, Entrepreneuriat

The SOIE research group – "Strategy, Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" – conducts research on the organizational and strategic innovations. These innovations reflect current changes in organizational management, and at the same time represent responses to these changes. They cover a broad spectrum of processes, practices and organizational forms : platforms, public-private partnerships, project-based organization, ecosystem, coopetition, new business models (uberization, diffusion of freeware, circular BM, inclusive BM), managerial innovations (inclusive practices, product lifecycle analysis), technological innovations (digitalization), new practices (valorization of neglected resources through inclusive or circular business models, CSR policies, corporate networks, crowdsourcing)

By combining different levels of analysis, SOIE researchers propose interpretative frameworks, theories and tools to account for the economic, environmental and societal dimensions of organizational and strategic change. They are also committed to developing strategies for the social and managerial valorization of their findings, in order to provide effective and timely support to organizations in a transitioning world.

My research interests

  1. Understanding the concept of CSR, its evolution and how it impacts business organizations
  2. Competencies and strategies used by organizations to deal with situations of ambiguity in a transitioning world
  3. Governance mechanisms for more sustainable organizations, at the crossroads of public and private regulation