Research topics

Parenting and Emotion Socialization

Parenting Programs

Investigate the efficacy and acceptability of Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) in France.

Investigate parental and professionals oppositions towards evidence-based parenting programs.

Create tools to inform parents and professionals on evidence-based parenting programs.

Emotion Socialisation

Investigate parents' and teachers' emotion socialization practices.

Examine the relations between emotion socialization practices and children's emotional and social development.

Compare these emotion socialization practices between France and the US.

Emotions at school

Develop tools to foster emotional development at school.

Emotion regulation, socialization, and (mal)adjustment

Temperament, emotion regulation, and (mal)ajustment

Examine relations between temperament, social competence and behavior problems in children and adolescents.

Longitudinal studies are used whenever possible.

Some of our work also includes looking at developmental trajectories.

Parent-adolescent conflicts

Examine children's temperament and parental practices in the prediction of parent-adolescent conflict reactions. Examine the relations between parent-adolescent conflict reactions and future adolescents' social competence and behavior problems.

Empathy, sympathy and prosocial behaviors

Examine the relations between temperament, parental practices, and the development of perspective taking ability, sympathy, and prosocial responding.

Digital use and children's and adolescents' social and emotional development

Examine the relations between digital use, emotion regulation, temperament, and behavior problems in children and adolescents.

Examine the relations between parenting practices (particularly emotion-related and screen-related parenting practices), children's digital use, and their social and emotional development.