Ali Amad

Professeur des universités-praticien hospitalier CNU : SECTION 4903 - PSYCHIATRIE D'ADULTES Lab(s)



I am developing a comprehensive approach of psychiatry based on clinical neurosciences and using the tools of cutting-edge research in everyday clinical practice. I specialise in the management of treatment-resistant and complex psychiatric disorders with a focus on catatonia and severe mood and psychotic disorders. I also work with patients with complex neuropsychiatric disorders. I mainly use a pharmacological approach and physical treatments (especially electroconvulsive therapy, but also other neuromodulation techniques and bright light therapy).

My research is organised around 3 main topics. First, I have a particular interest in studying the interaction between environmental factors and the brain in psychiatric disorders (e.g. gene x environment interaction, pharmacogenetics, pharmaco-brain imaging). I also develop the concept of plastic adaptation to the pathology in neuropsychiatric disorders. This concept highlights that substantial plasticity and remodelling may occur beyond the classic neuroprogressive framework. Finally, I develop an approach about the definition of an objective psychiatry using, for example, digital phenotyping tools.