Feb 1986        Ms Degree in Chemistry in the group of Prof. G.M. Sheldrick at the University of Göttingen, Germany

Title : Structure determination of Gold- and Platinum complexes by X-ray diffraction


June 1989       PhD thesis in the group of Prof. J. Troe at the University of Göttingen, Germany

Title : Shock tube study on the oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons


Dec. 2000       Habilitation in Physical Sciences at the University of Lille, France

                        Title : Kinetic of elementary reactions in the degradation of hydrocarbons




89 - 91        Postdoctoral associate at Stanford Research Institute, California        

                    Subject: Kinetic of heterogeneous reactions of stratospheric interest


03-08 / 91 -      Researcher at the Institut of Physical Chemistry in Göttingen in the group of Prof. J. Troe

                         Subject: Shock tube study of the decomposition of xylene


09/91 -  09/ 92        Postdoctoral associate at “ Physico-Chimie des Processus de Combustion et de l’Atmosphère ” in  Lille in the group of Dr. L.R. Sochet .

Subject: Auto ignition of hydrocarbon mixtures in a rapid compression machine


10/92 - 09/96     Junior Scientist CNRS at “ Physico-chimie des Processus de Combustion de l’Atmosphère ” in Lille (UMR CNRS 8522)


10/96 - 09/06    Senior Scientist CNRS

                       Subject : Development of laser photolysis / laser induced fluorescence for studying elementary reaction of atmospheric interest


10/ 07 - 09/16   Research Director 2nd class CNRS

                        Head of atmospheric chemistry research group at PC2A laboratory


Since 10/16     Research Director 1st class CNRS




02 - 03/ 00        Invited researcher at Sandia National Laboratory, Livermore, California              


07 – 10 / 04      Fulbright fellowship for visit of Indiana University in Bloomington (Indiana) and Penn State University at State College (Pennsylvania)


01 / 09             Invited professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)


02-04 / 12         JSPS research fellowship for research stay in Japan


11 - 12 / 13        Erasmus Mundus Windows visiting scientist at KAUST University (Saudi Arabia)


03 - 04 / 18       Laureate of “President’s International Fellowship Initiative” of the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Physical Sciences, Hefei (China)


03 / 21               JSPS Bridge fellowship for research stay at Kyoto University





10 / 90                "Exceptional Achievement Award" at the Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA





German, English, French:      perfect in written and spoken





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