Axes de recherche

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • How we build and access semantic categories of objects 
  • How actions are represented at the brain and cognitive levels
  • The role of affordances in the perception and representation of objects

The methodologies I use include:

  • behavioral paradigms based on response times
  • eye-tracking
  • virtual reality
  • EEG
  • lesion-symptom mapping

The populations I work with:

  • healthy adults
  • healthy children
  • patients with cognitive deficits 

Research grants

2024-2028: Funding from ANR "PRME", TOP-VIP project, PI: S. Kalénine, 266 135 €

2020: Funding MESHS Nord de France, ANIMO project, PI: S. Kalénine, 5360 €

2019: Mobility grant with Belgium from ISite ULNE, VITACOG project, PI: S. Kalénine, 3 000 €

2016-2021 : Funding from the ANR “Jeunes Chercheurs”, PERCERA project, PI : S.Kalénine, 203 131 €

2015: Funding from Lille-Ghent Universities, CREMA project, PI: S. Kalénine, 1200 €

2014-2015 : Funding from iCAVS and Lille University, ACT-PA project, PI: S. Kalénine, 13 500 €

2011-2014 : Funding from the ANR “retour post-doc”, RAOSO project, PI : S. Kalénine, 450 800 €

Laureate Fulbright France -program "Chercheurs-Hauts de France" 2023-2024

Thanks to Fulbright-France, I will conduct a research project on the role of images in word re-learning in people with stroke in collaboration with the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute of Philadelphia!