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Selection of articles in the field of Nanomedicine and Diagnostics


S. Szunerits, A. Abderrahmani, R. Boukherroub
Nanoparticles and Nanocolloidal Carbon: Will they be the next antidiabetic class that targtets fibrillation and aggregation of human iset amyloid polypeptude in Type 2 diabetes?
Accounts of Chemical Research, 2022, accepted

A. Voronova, Q. Pagneux, R. Decoin, E. Woitrain, L; Butruille, A. Barras, C. Foulin, M. Lecoeur, D. Jaramillo, J Rumupamba, S. Melinte, A. Abderrahmani, D. Montaigne, R. Boukehrroub, S. Szunerits
Heat-based transdermal deliveyr of a ramipril loaded cream for treting hypertension
Nanoscale 2022, 14, 12185-12500

A. Voronova, C. Prieto, M. Pardo-Figuerez, J.M. Lagaron, A. Sanyal, B. Demir, T. Hubert, V.Plaisance, V.alerie Pawlowski, . Vignoud-Despond, A. Barras, . Abderrahmani, R.abah Boukherroub, S. Szunerits
Photothermal Activatable Mucriadhesive Fiber MAts for on-demand delivery of insulin via buccal and corneal mucosa
ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2022 5 (2), 771-778

ACS featured articlce (

B. Demir, L. Rosselle, A. Voronova, Q. Pagneux, A. Quenon, V. Gmyr, D Jary, N. Hennuyer, B. Staels, T. Hubert, A.mar Abderrahmani, V. Plaisance, V. Pawlowski, R. Boukherroub, S. Vignoud, S. Szunerits
Innovative transdermal deliveyr of insulin using gelatin methacrylate-based microneedle patches in mice and mini-pigs
Nanoscale Horizons 2022, 7 (2), 174-184

A. Barras, F. Sauvage, I. de Hoon, K. Braeckmans, D. Hua, G. Buvat, J. C. Fraie, C. Lethien, J. Sebag, M. Harrington, A. Abderrahamni, R. Boukherroub, St. De Smedt, S. Szunerits
Carbon quantum dots as a dual platform for the inhibition and light-based destruction of collagen fibers: implications for the treatment of eye floaters
Nanoscale Horizons, 2021, 6, 449-461

S. Szunerits, S. Melinte, A. Barras, Q. Pagneux, A. Voronova, A. Abderrhamani, R. Boukherroub
The impact of chemical engineering and technological advances on managing diabetes: present and future concepts .
Chemical Society Review 2021, 50(3):2102-2146

L. Chambre, L.Rosselle, A. Barras, D ; Aydin, A. Loczechin, S. Gunbay, R ; Sanyal, N. Skandrani, N. Metzler-Nolte, J. E. Bandow, R ; Boukherorub, S. Szunerits, A. Sanyal
Photothermally Active Cryogel Devices for Effective Release of Antimicrobial Peptides: On-Demand Treatment of Infections
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, 12, 51, 56805–56814

Q. Pagneux, R. Ye, L. Chengnang, A. Barras, N. Hennuyer, B. Staels, D. Caina, J. I. Avila Osses, A. Abderrahmani, V. Plaisance, V. Pawlowski, R. Boukherroub, S. Melinte, S. Szunerits
Electrothermal patches driving the transdermal delivery of insulin
Nanoscale Horizon, 2020, 5, 663-670

A. Łoczechin, K. Séron, A. Barras, S. Belouzard, Y.-T. Chen, N. Metzler-Nolte, R. Boukherroub, J. Dubuisson, S. Szunerits
ACS Applied Materials and Interfacs 2019, 11, 46, 42964-42974
Functional Carbon quantum dot as medical countermeasures to humancorona virus (HCoV

L. Chengnang, Q. Pegneux, A. Voronova, A. Barras, A. Abderrahmani, V. Plaisance, V. Pawlowski, N. Hennuyer, B. Staels, L. Rosselle, N. Skandrani, M. Li,R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits
Nanoscale 2019, 11, 15810-1582
Near-infrared light activatable hydrogels for metformin delivery!divAbstract

K. Nekoueian, M. Amiri, M. Sillanpää, F. Marken, R.Boukherroub,  S. Szunerits
Carbon-based quantum particles: an electroanalytical and biomedical
Chemical Society Reviews 2019, 48, 4281-4316



Q. Pagneux, A. Roussel, H. Saada, C. Cambillau, B. Amigues, V. Delauzun, I. Engelmann, E. Kazali Alidjinou, J. Ogiez, A. S. Rolland, E. Faure, J. Poissy, A. Duhamel, R. Boukherroub, D.Devos, S. Szunerits
SARS-CoV-2 detection using a nanobody-functionalized voltammetric device
Communications Medicine, 2022, 2 (1), 1-11

H. Saada, Q. pagneuc, J; Wei, L. Live, A. Roussel, A; Dogliani, L. Die Morini, I. Engelmann, E. K. Alidjinou, A. S. Rolland, E. Faure, J; Poissy, J. Labreuche, G. Lee, P. Li, G. Curran, A. Jahari, J. A. Yunda, S. Mlinte, A. Legay, J.-L. Gala, D. Devos, R. Boukehrroub, S. Szunerits
Sensing of COVID-19 spike protein in nasopharyngeal samples using a portable surface plasmon resonance diagnostic system
Sensors and Diagnostics 2022, 1, 1021

V. Mishyn, A. Hugo, T. Rodrigues, P. Aspermair, H. Happy, L. Marques, C. Hurot, R. Othmen, V. Bouchiat, R. Boukherroub, W. Knoll, S. Szunerits
The holy grail of pyrene-based surface ligands on the sensitivity of graphene-based field effect transistors.
Sensors & Diagnostics, 2022, 1 (2), 235-244

V. Mishyn, M. Aslan, A. Hugo, T. Rodrigues, H. Happy, R. Sanyal, W. Knoll, F. Baudoux, V. Bouchiat, R. Bilyy, R. Boukherroub, A. Sanyal, S. Szunerits
Catch and release strategy of matrix metalloprotease aptamers via thiol-disulfide exchange reaction on a graphene based electrochemical sesors
Sensors & Diagnostics, 2022, 1, 739-749

T. Rodrigues, V. Mishyn,Y. R. Leroux, L. Butruille, E. Woitrain, A. Barras,P.Aspermair, H. Happy, C. Kleber, R. Boukherroub, D. Montaigne, W. Knoll, S. Szunerits
Highly performing graphene-based field effect transistor for the differentiation between mild-moderate-severe myocardial injury
Nano Today, 2022, 43, 101391

V. Mishyn, T. Rodrigues, Y. R. Leroux, P. Aspermair, H. Happy, J.Bintinger,  C. Kleber, R. Boukherroub, W. Knoll, S. Szunerits
Controlled Covalent Functionalization of Graphene-Channel of a Field Effect Transistor as Ideal Platform for (Bio)sensing Applications
Nanoscale Horizon, 2021, 6, 819-829,6, 819-829

J. Daniels, S. Wadekar, K. DeCubellis, G. W. Jackson, A. S. Chiu, Q. Pagneux, H. Saada, I. Engelmann, J. Ogiez, D. Loze-Warot, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits
A mask-based diagnostic platform for point-of-care screening of Covid-19
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2021,192, 113486

I. Engelmann, E. K. Alidjinou, J. Ogiez, Q; Pagneux, S. Miloudi, I. Benhalima, M; Ouafi, R. Sen, D. Hober, A. Roussel, C. Cambillau, D. Devos, R. Boukerroub, S. Szunerits
Preanalytical Issues and Cycle Threshold Values in SARS-CoV‑2 Real- Time RT-PCR Testing: Should Test Results Include These?
ACS Omega 2021, 6(10), 6528-6536

P. Aspermair, U. Ramach, C. Reiner-Rozman, St. Fossati, B. Lechner, S. E Moya, O. Azzaroni, J. Dostalek, S. Szunerits, W. Knoll, J.Bintinger
Dual Monitoring of Surface Reactions in Real Time by Combined Surface-Plasmon Resonance and Field-Effect Transistor Interrogation
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020, 142, 11709-11716