The software Thermo NO-LIF has been developed to determine the temperature from a NO-LIF excitation spectrum. It is available in a Matlab Runtime R2017a (v9.2) to be separately downloaded here.

The software Thermo-NOLIF is provided « as is » and ULille makes no representation, warranty or guaranty of any kind or nature regarding the accuracy, completeness, correctness, reliability or fitness for a particular purpose of the software Thermo-NOLIF.

ULille could not be hold responsible for financial, commercial or any other damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of the software Thermo-NOLIF.

Downloading the software here in zip. Note that to run the software once settled on your computer, it might be necessary to "run as administrator" by right-clicking on the executable file.

Authors: Kae Ken FOO, Nathalie Lamoureux, Pascale Desgroux

contact: Nathalie LAMOUREUX, Pascale DESGROUX

Modélisation cinétique

NO formation à basse pression

Modelling of NO formation in low pressure flames by Lamoureux N., El Merhubi H., Pillier L., de Persis S., Desgroux D., Combust. Flame 163 (2016)557-575,

zip to download

NO formation à haute pression

Stéphanie de Persis, Laure Pillier, Mahmoud Idir, Julien Molet, Nathalie Lamoureux, et al.. NO formation in high pressure premixed flames: Experimental results and validation of a new revised reaction mechanism. Fuel, Elsevier, 2020, 260, pp.116331. ⟨10.1016/j.fuel.2019.116331⟩

zip to download