Articles publiés

  • M.S. Ahmed & M. Genin (2019). A Functional Model-Adjusted Spatial Scan StatisticStatistic in Medicine. Accepté,  Preprint 
  • Ahmed, M. S., Attouch, M. K., & Dabo-Niang, S. (2018). Binary Functional Linear Models under Choice-Based Sampling. Econometrics and statistics, 7, 134-152.
  • M.S. Ahmed, L. Broze, S. Dabo-Niang &  Z. Gharbi (2018). Functional Linear Spatial Autoregressive Models, Wiley book : Geostatistical Functional Data Analysis : Theorie and methods. Editors : Jorge Mateu and Ramon Giraldo. A paraître.

Articles soumis ou en révision

  • M.S. Ahmed, L. Cucala, & M. Genin (2019). Spatial Autoregressive Models for Scan Statistic. En révision, Spatial Statistics, Preprint
  • M.S. Ahmed, M. N'diaye, M.K. Attouch, & S. Dabo-Niang (2018). k-Nearest Neighbors Prediction and Classification  for Spatial Data.  En révision, Journal de SFdS. Preprint 
  • M.S. Ahmed, M. Genin,  & S. Dabo-Niang (2018). Partially Linear Spatial Probit Models. Soumis.  Preprint

Travaux en cours

  • M.S. Ahmed,  M. Genin, & C. Preda. Spatial Scan Statistic for Functional Data
  • M.S. Ahmed, S. Dabo-Niang, E. Darwich & Z. Gharbi. Binary Partially Linear Models with  Spatial Heteeroscedasticity.