I am a senior Associate Professor at the University of Lille. I received a PhD in Automatic Control in 1993 and an Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (allows to supervise fully PhD thesis) in 2007 from this University. My background is in Automatic Control and I currently belong to a team of the Cristal Lab which project is centered on representations of multiphysics systems (using such tools as Bond-Graphs, Systems of Systems,Port-Hamiltonian systems). My expertise is on Applied Control Design. Currently, I work in collaboration with L2EP (laboratory of Power Electronics) on multisource power systems and smart grid control, specifically with the EPMLab platform  (Electrical Power Management Lab). I am also involved in the European Interreg Project E2C (Electrons to High Value Chemicals) and I will design controllers for hydrogen electrolyzers and related devices. I teach Automatic control (and also Chemical Engineering) in the Food Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Dpts. of Polytech-Lille,  the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Lille.

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Last news

Jérôme Buire will defend his PhD thesis on "Embedding consumption and production uncertainties into the predictive control of a grid with multiple feeders", December 14, Arts et Metiers ParisTech, Lille

E2C  Electrons to high value Chemical products  Interreg 2 Seas Project Kickoff happened on 11-12 september. MOCIS-CRISTAL is involved with leader B. Ould Bouamama

Martin Legry defended his PhD thesis in Electrical Engineering on November, 25, 2019, Design and coordination of microgrids connected to a MV network.

Martin Legry and Jérôme Buire had both papers in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid accepted (Impact Factor = 10.4). Kudos!

Jean-Yves presented project E2C in May 2019 to the Hyspac (Fuel Cell and hydrogen group) general meeting in Le Croisic, France


Maître de Conférences HDR Hors Classe à l'Université de Lille et Polytech-Lille

Je suis diplômé de l'IDN (Ecole Centrale de Lille), je suis titulaire d'un Doctorat d'Automatique (1993) et d'une Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (2007) de l'Université de Lille

Mon expertise est la commande des systèmes non-linéaires et incertains et la commande prédictive, appliquées aux systèmes multiphysiques. Actuellement, je travaille avec le L2EP -Arts & Métiers ParisTech sur la commande de réseaux électriques (smart grids). Je suis également impliqué dans le projet Interreg  E2C (Electrons to high values Chemical Products) pour lequel je conçois des commandes pour des électrolyseurs et cellules de puissance multisources. Durant mon activité passée, j'ai participé à des projets sur la commande de robots, de mélangeurs, de bioréacteurs, et d'autres systèmes.

J'enseigne l'Automatique, le Génie de la réaction au département Génie Biologique et Alimentaire et au Département Conception Mécanique de Polytech-Lille, Ecole d'ingénieurs universitaire