I currently hold the Accueil de talents 2020 chair of excellence professorship at Lille Économie Management (LEM), University of Lille. In addition, I am also a Research Fellow at the Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies (BOFIT), Finland, Fellow of the CESifo Institute in Munich, Germany,  Fellow of the  International Center for Economic Analysis (ICEA), and Fellow of the Global Labor Organization (GLO). 


I received my PhD from Center for Economic Research at Tilburg University in the Netherlands in 1999. Before joining the Université de Lille, I held appointments at the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) at Bonn University, Trinity College Dublin, European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) at Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Brunel University London, and served as the founding head (and subsequently external advisor) of the Institute for Strategy and Analysis (ISA) at the Government Office of the Slovak Republic during 2015-2020.

My research interests include political economy, economic development, institutional economics and labor economics. I have published my research in leading European and international peer-reviewed journals, including the European Economic Review, European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Common Market Studies, Electoral Studies, World Development, and Journal of International Money and Finance.



For further details, see fidrmuc.net.

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