Florent Berthaut

Maître de conférences - Informatique

Florent Berthaut

Maître de conférences - Informatique


My main research interest is the exploration of the connections between 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) and Musical Interaction.

In one direction, 3DUIs open many possibilities for musical control, in particular for the manipulation of rich musical structures and the visual augmentation of musical performances.

In the other direction, Musical Interaction is a rich application domain for 3DUIs, with very specific constraints which both open numerous research questions and provide interesting opportunities for interaction and visualization techniques.

Latest result(s)

RVDs @ IEEE VR 2021

RevGest for Vibrating Shapes residency


Revealed Interfaces

Revgest, RVDs

Musical Techniques and Immersive Virtual Musical Instruments

Hierarchical Live-looping Tuiles Drile

Visual Feedback and Audio-Visual Mappings

Combined Audiovisual mappings ControllAR

3D Interaction Techniques for and inspired by Musical Interaction

Piivert Tunnels

Musical Collaboration in Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments

Couacs Boeuf

Augmented Performances - Audience Perception

Scenography of Immersive Virtual Musical Instruments Ixmi Project