Molecular dynamics at T=310 K MD  of the tri-nucleosome complex in ionized water. Left: the starting configuration; right: final configuration after 300 ns of MD. The DNA is in blue, histones silver, ions indicated by points.

The interrogation complex hOGG1/DNA after 500 ns of  MD equilibration at T=310K in TIP3P water with 0.1M NaCl. As observed in the experimental configuration, OGG1 (color ribbons) grabs the DNA (white) containing the 8-oxoG at two distinct sites: the purple region holds the 8-oxoG and everts the whole nucleotide into extra-helical conformation (white spheres); the green region holds DNA at the distance of about one-half turn. 

New paper in Biosensors & Bioelectronics

Last paper from the IEMN-IBL-LIMMS collaboration:

New paper appeared in eLife, March 2022

Check out our last paper just published in eLife, last part of M. Tomezak's PhD:


Welcome our new PhD student Parvathy!

Congratulations to Parvathy Sarma who joined our group February 2022 to work on the SENEXIMEX project, on radiation-induced cell senescence! Welcome Parvathy, we wish you a productive PhD work!


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