Supervisor: Mrs Nathalie Lionet-Przygodzki (Professeure des Universités) 
Co-Supervisor: Monsieur Massil Benbouriche (Maître de Conférences)



In regards to sexual violence prevalence rates, and both their health and social consequences, il it vital to further our understanding of the factors involved in the perpetration of such crimes in order to prevent them efficiently. Alcohol is argued to be involved in 50% of all sexual violence incidents. The aim of this project is therefore to study alcohol's effects, and more specifically it's unique contribution as well as furthering our understanding of its interaction effects with certain individual and developmental factors. Extending a model which has gained immense support in this field (Malamuth's confluence model) will allow us to further understand sexual violence perpetration in alcohol consumption contexts such as festive environments and university campuses.  

Key words

Alcohol; Sexual Violence, Theory of Mind, Confluence Model

Laboratory: PSITEC