Scientific Responsabilities

  • 2003 - 2011 : Set up, coordination and participation in several European (5), ANR (2), regional (1) projects in the field of multimedia indexing and computer vision.
  • 2010 : set up with IEMN, in the framework of the IRCICA institute, of an interdisciplinary project in the field of bio-inspired vision. Project renewed every year until 2021.
  • 2004 - 2013 : Foundation and animation of the FOX research team (Fouille de Données Complexes et Multimédia) of the LIFL laboratory (UMR CNRS), and later CRIStAL (UMR CNRS) of the University of Lille.

Research impacts

Citations in international patents, including 15 patents the last 5 years (from 2016). Below the list of patents (non exhaustive):

Patent 10,929,984, U.S. Patent 10,896,202, US Patent 10,909,845, U.S. Patent 10,664,512, U.S. Patent 10,289,810, EP Patent 2665017B1, U.S. Patent 10,445,367, U.S. Patent 10026009B2, CN Patent 105023019B, U.S. Patent No. 9,635,237, U.S. Patent 9,846,696, U.S. Patent 9,292,552, US Patent # 10,419,655, WO Patent 2016155047A1, US Patent 9330722B2, U.S. Patent 9,042,659, U.S. Patent 9,129,157, U.S. Patent 8953039B2, U.S. Patent 8,391,618, U.S. Patent Application 13/902,886, US Patent 8466932B2,  U. S. Patent 8457466B1, US Patent 8364673B2, U.S. Patent 8,171,043,  US7746356B2, CN Patent 100485574C, US Patent # 7630989,  WO Patent  2008/109707 Al, CN Patent 100385942C, US Patent 20080270373A1, US Patent # 7,065,521, U.S. Patent US20060206495A1, US Patent #20060036783, EP Patent 1074953A3, U.S. Patent # 6,751,613

Citations in doctoral thesis (PhD), including 32 PhD the last 5 years (from 2016). Below non-exhaustive list: 

Lundy 2021, Sudan 2020, Delft 2020Auvergne 2020Carnegie Mellon 2020Barcelona 2020Johns Hopkins 2020, Agricultural and Mechanical College 2020, Brunel London 2019Sydney 2019Swansea 2019Autinoma de Barelona 2020, Santa Cruz 2018Centrale Supélec 2019PSL 2018Lyon 2018Berlin 2018Carnegie Mellon 2018Karlsruher 2018Franche-Comté 2018, Science 2017Manchester 2017Dublin 2017Nanyang 2017Washington 2017Radboud 2017Sheffield 2017Purdue 2017, Navarra 2016, Biskra 2016Lorraine 2015aLorraine 2015bQueen Mary 2013Deakin 2012Aix-Marseille 2012Jean Monnet 2011Western Australia 2011Montpellier 2009Louis Pasteur 2008Tours 2002

Citations in scientific papers published in international conferences and journals in the field of computer vision, multimedia, databases, affective computing, IHM, sensors, transport, medico-legal and forensic, sciences of education, physic, natural science, sport, mathematics and remote sensing. Below a sample of citations:

PAMI 2019, CVPR 2020, CVPR 2018a, CVPR 2018b, CVPR 2017, PAMI 2017, PAMI 2017, PAMI 2015, PAMI 2013, PAMI 2012, PAMI 2011, PAMI 2009, PAMI 2008, PAMI 2008, PAMI 2008, PAMI 2007, Alzheimer-Neuroscience 2021, Acoustic 2020, Mathematics 2018, Physica 2021, Forensic 2019, Natural Science 2018, Multimodal User Interfaces 2018, Sport 2018, HumanFactor 2020, IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems 2019, Education 2020, Medical Informatics 2021, ACM sensor Network 2020, Physics 2021, Mathematics 2018, Medico Legal 2020, Radiological Physics 2021, Medical System 2012, IEEE Multimedia 2007, Forensics and Security 2014, IEEE Image Processing 2010, ACM Image Retrieval 2010, ACM MM 2008, ICCV 2011, ICCV 2007, CVPR 2013, Remote sensing 2013, VLDB 2015 

PhD supervision

PhD supervisor or co-supervisor of 22 PhD (doctoral thesis), including 6 PhD the last 5 years (since 2016): Catherine Huygues, Delphine Poux, Sami Barchid, [PhD – R. Belmonte], [PhD – B. Allaert], [PhD – R. Auguste], [PhD – Y. Benabbas], [PhD – M. H. Sharif], [PhD – A. Dahmane], [PhD – A. Lablack], [PhD - A. Aissaoui], [PhD – I. Elsayad], [PhD – T. Urruty], [PhD – M. Bouet], [PhD – S. Mongy], [PhD - Samir Amir], [PhD - Mehdi Adda], [PhD – K. Hadouda], [PhD - A. Ghomari], [PhD – N. Ihaddadene], [PhD – Y. Hafri].

Scientific diffusion, communication and coordination

  • Member of the program committees of conferences. Below a representative sample : IEEE International conference on Advanced video surveillance system – AVSS-2013; IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo - ICME-2010; International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery - DaWak- 2006 ; ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval - ACM CIVR – 2008; ACM International Conference on MultiMedia - ACM MM-2008; ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - ACM SIGKDD 2009; International World Wide Web Conference – WWW 2015; Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances - EGC-2008. Certain conferences are A ranking (IEEE AVSS, ICPR, ACM CIVR, PKDD, PAKDD) and others ranking A+ (ACM MM, ACM SIGKDD, WWW).
  • Member of program committees (non exhaustive list) during the last 5 years : International Conference on Image Processing and vision Engineering (IMPROVE 2021), ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR-2021ICMR-2020ICMR-2019), également proceedings chair d'ICMR-2019, International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR-2020), ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020, CIKM 2018, CIKM 2016), Journées nationales INFormatique des ORganisations et Systèmes d’Information et de Décision (INFORSID 2018), International Symposium on Programming and Systems - ISPS-2018
  • Reviewer of scientific papers proposals for international journals : Journal of Object-Oriented Programming (JOOP), the Computer, ISI, TSI, Journal of Electronic Imaging (SPIE), IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Pattern recognition Journal (Elsevier), Expert Systems With Applications Journal (Elsevier), Signal Processing: Image Communication Journal (Elsevier), Mechatronics - The Science of Intelligent Machines Journal (Elsevier), - Information retrieval Journal (Springer), Neuroscience Journal (AIMS Press), Healthcare Journal (AIMS Press), Sensors Journal (MDPI), Energies (Journal MDPI), Electronics  Journal (MDPI), Symmetry Journal (MDPI), Applied Sciences Journal (MDPI)
  • Certificate of appreciation awareded for serving as a reviewer (20192020) - Journal of Electronic Imaging.
  • General Chair of the 2021 edition (18th edition) of the international conference Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI2021) which is organized in Lille 28-30 June 2021.
  • 2003 - 2016: Chair or co-chair of the program or organization committees of about 20 international and national conferences and workshops.

Dissemination of knowledge

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