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Fasquel, A., Brunellière, A., & Knutsen, D. (Inpress). A modified procedure for naming 332 pictures and collecting norms: using tangram pictures in psycholinguistic studies. Behavior Research Methods.

Tangram pictures are abstract pictures which may be used as stimuli in various fields of
experimental psychology and are often used in the field of dialogue psychology. The present study
provides the first norms for a set of 332 tangram pictures. These pictures were standardized on a set
of variables classically used in the literature on cognitive processes, such as visual perception,
language and memory: name agreement, image agreement, familiarity, visual complexity, image
variability and age of acquisition. Furthermore, norms for concreteness were also provided owing to
the influence of this variable on the processes involved in lexical production. Correlational analyses
on all variables were performed on the data collected from French native speakers. This new set of
standardized pictures constitutes a reliable database for researchers when they select tangram
pictures. Given the abstract nature of tangram pictures, this paper also discusses the similarities and
differences with the literature on line drawings, and highlights their value for dialogue psychology
studies, for psycholinguistics studies and for cognitive psychology in general.