Home pages of Richard Olejnik

I belong to the Emeraude team which researches are focused on "Embedded Real-Time Adaptive Virtualization for Post Moore Architecture". I also, participates to projects on future embedded system, related to the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation ( HIPEAC).

I make cutting-edge researches on edge computing and big data computing in point of view of distributed computing and IoT. I manage some projects at IRCICA - USR CNRS 3380 Institute on smart cities. The objective is to demonstrate the possibility to build a fog computing platform, ie a middleware platform upon a hybrid architecture composed by multicore embedded systems, cloud and things (sensors and actuators).

Research interests

  • Computer Architecture and Distributed Systems
  • Fog and edge computing and Real time computing
  • Energy efficient computing
  • Grid and High performance Computing.