I started my career studying the neuroendocrine response during evolution using peptidomic showing the close relationship between neuropeptides from leech and vertebrates. After establishing my group in 1998, I switched to neuroimmunology and I also got interested by modern bioanalytic and especially proteomics. Since then, I have continued on the phenotypic switching of macrophages studied by proteomic approaches and their application to human pathologies as potential novel therapy.

Research Interests

My current researches are dedicated to onco-immunology through proteomics approaches. My first focus is the phenotyping switch of microglia/macrophages between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory stages. The concept consists to force the switch back of macrophages associated tumor to anti-tumoral stages. I identified factors involved in this phenoswitch, among I identified proteins issued from non-coding regions of mRNA and Nc-RNA and I am currently working to develop a delivery process method based on engineered exosomes graft on magnetic microbeads and monitored by ultrasonic imaging. My second focus is SpiderMass project which consists in the development of a novel mass spectrometry-based technology for in vivo real-time mini invasive guided surgery.