• 10/01/2019: Examiner for a doctoral thesis  at University of Lorraine, France.
  • 25/01/2019: External reviewer for a doctoral thesis of the University of Zaragoza, Spain.
  • 24/04/2017: Session co-chair of the international workshop on “Gas-phase reaction kinetics of biofuels oxygenated molecules”. Organized by SMARTCATS COST Action and European project IMPROOF.
  • 01/2012-01/2013: Elected member of the Council of the Doctoral School Ressources Procédés Produits Environnement, RP2E (Nancy, France). (In France, a Doctoral school is an educational structure similar in focus to a graduate school but restricted to PhD level).
  • 17/01/2013: Jury member for poster prize during the annual seminar of the Doctoral School RP2E.
  • 15/11/2012: One of 5 organizers of the “new PhD Students’ Day” of the Doctoral School RP2E.
  • 2015-present:  Referee for International Symposium on Combustion and rank A journals (Combustion and Flame, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Fuel, Energy Fuels, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics). About 1 paper reviewed every month. 


  • 2015-2016: Assistant teacher at the Bielefeld University (Germany): Co-director of the course “Combustion modeling” 120 hours (lectures + tutorials + exercises); 50 hours of the course “physical chemistry, practical specialization” on combustion calorimetry; 2 hours as a tutor for exercises on catalysis.
  • 2004-2008: Laboratory teacher at the Da Nang University of Technology (Vietnam): 56 hours lectures + exercises of the course “Hydraulics-Pneumatics”;  440 hours practical works of the module “Basic internship” (thermal engines); 600 hours practical works of the module “Specialized internship: Engines-Fuels”.
  • Other experiences: Presentation of the performed research works to pupils of two classes of the Elementary School Bulgnéville, as part of the Experimentarium set up by the school RP2E (20/05/2011).


  • A currently-planned PhD thesis at PC2A, CNRS (France, 2019-2021). Supervision rate (SR): 30%. 
  • A PhD student at the PC1-University of Bielefeld (Germany, 2015). SR: 50%. 
  • A Master student at the University of Bielefeld (Germany, 2015). SR: 50%. 
  • Two exchange PhD students at the LRGP-CNRS (France, 2012 and 2013). SR: 30%. 
  • Two final-year projects of two students of the Da Nang University of Technology (Vietnam, 2008). SR: 100%. 


  • 2012-Present: Member of the Combustion Institute (CI), the most authoritative international academic organization in the combustion field. Also member of the Germany and France Sections of the CI.
  • 2015-Present: SMARTCATS COST Action, a Europe-wide network of leading academic and research institutions and key industries to promote the use of smart energy carriers on a large scale.