Lionel Montagne

Professeur des universités - Chimie du solide

Lionel Montagne

Professeur des universités - Chimie du solide

Axes de recherche

Chimie des verres / Chimie des phosphates / RMN des solides


« Verres d’alumino- et borosilicates dopes aux phosphates"

"Méthodologie en RMN des solides appliquée aux verres inorganiques »

"RMN de l’oxygène-17 dans les verres"

"Verres auto-cicatrisants", “Verres de scellement pour SOFC et EHT”

« Formulation et caractérisation structurale de matrices vitreuses pour déchets radioactifs spéciaux »

Glasses, chemistry of phosphates, Solid state NMR


 Current research projects:

NMR methodology applied to inorganic glasses

17O NMR of glasses, application to phosphate glasses

Sealing glasses (SOFC)

Glasses for special nuclear waste immobilization

Glasses for antioxidation protection of SiC/SiC composites

Theses (co)supervision:

Emilie Antoni (2003) "structure-properties relationship of high-alumina isolating glass fibers"

Emilie Beckaert (2004) "Conversion and vitrification of phosphated volatile heavy metals"

Grégory Tricot  (2005) "Phosphates in oxidation inhibition of carbon composites"

Alexandrine Flambard (2005) "NMR methodology applied to inorganic materials"

Elodie Creton (2009) “antioxidation coating for SiC/SiC composite materials”

Filipe Vasconcelos (2009) “DFT Calculation of  17O NMR parameters” (coll. L. Delevoye, S. Cristol, J.F. Paul)

Daniel Coillot (2010) “New sealing materials for SOFC”

Thomas Lemesle (2013) “Vitrification of iodine radioactive waste in phosphate glasses”

Sandra Castanie (2013) “High temperature self-healing process in glasses”

Prashant Rajbandhari (2013) “Advanced NMR characterization of the effect of Al2O3, B2O3 and SiO2 doping on low Tg phosphate glasses”

Aline Gatoux (2013) “Caracterisation of an antioxidation coating for aircraft brakes"

Thibault Carlier (2016) “Self-healing thin glass layers”

Annelise Chabauty (2018) “Vitrification of iodine radioactive waste in phosphate glasses”

Pauline Glatz (2018) “NMR of glassceramic materials”

Industrial collaborations:

Isover Saint-Gobain (biosoluble high-alumina insulating glass wool)

SAFRAN LANDING SYSTEMS (phosphate antioxidation of C/C composites)

Snecma Propulsion Solide (phosphate antioxidation of SiC/SiC composites)

Europlasma-ADEME (vitrification of chloride containing heavy-metal wastes)

ARC-Intl (New opalescent glass compositions)

CEA (waste glasses, sealing glasses)

Prayon (Phosphates)

MERSEN (carbon materials)

Corning (glass-ceramics)