• Sep. 2010-now: Associate professor, University Lille 1, member of the Emeraude team (CRIStAL);
  • Nov. 2009-Aug. 2010: post-doc at LaBRI;
  • Nov. 2006-Nov. 2009: Ph.D. thesis at ONERA-ISAE (Supaéro), see below;
  • 2005-2006: Engineer at Esterel Technologies, now part of Ansys. I worked as a developper of the compiler of the SCADE development environment for safety-critical embedded applications (based on the Lustre language);
  • 2002-2004: Engineer at INRIA-Rocquencourt in the AOSTE team. I worked as a developper of SynDEx, a design software for distributed real-time embedded systems;
  • 2002: Master in Computer Science (DEA+DESS) at the University of Bordeaux I.

My Ph.D. thesis

The title of my thesis is A Synchronous Language for Critical Embedded Systems with Multiple Real-Time Constraints. We defined a language, called Prelude, and its compiler, for embedded control systems of the aeronautical and aerospatial domains. Supervised by Frédéric Boniol, Claire Pagetti and David Lesens (Astrium Space Transportation).
Thesis defended, November 19, 2009, at ISAE-Supaéro (Toulouse), see the manuscript for details.

Download the Prelude compiler here.