Licence LLCE Anglais

  • Morphologie (L1, S2)
  • Syntaxe (L2, S3)
  • Renforcement linguistique : Introduction à l'acquisition du langage (L2, S3)
  • Sémantique (L2, S4)
  • Diachronie (L2, S4)
  • Pragmatique (L3, S5)

Master Langues et Sociétés : Linguistique et didactique de l'anglais

  • Topics in linguistics (M1/M2) : Introduction to experimental research in linguistics

Licence Orthophonie

  • Développement du langage et psycholinguistique (L2, UE 1.1.3)

Encadrement de la recherche (Master)

I am open to the supervision of research work on syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic phenomena, as long as this goes along the following lines (one or a combination of more than one):

  1. Experimental approach: students can conduct an experimental study to test the validity of previous theoretical findings regarding a particular linguistic phenomenon.
  2. Cross-linguistic comparison: students can compare a give syntactic, semantic or pragmatic phenomenon in two or more languages (one of them being English).
  3. L2 acquisition and processing: students can look into the acquisition and/or processing of a given linguistic phenomenon comparing native and non-native (L2) speakers.