Zooarchaeology at Lille

Since 2003 I integrated the CNRS as a researcher and joined the History Archaeology and Literature of Ancient world HALMA team at the University of Lille. I set up the Zooarchaeology laboratory very gradually with three changes of buildings and through the increased research activity. The support of the University and the CNRS was the guarantor of this successful establishment.

 Today the laboratory includes a reference collection with more than 1000 complete skeletons, a macerator* meeting L2 confinement standards and allowing the independent and flexible preparation of most of the specimens we need and finally an office and a photo station.

 My research focuses on fauna deriving from rescue excavations in northern France. The studied sites are mostly rural settlements ranging chronologically from the Neolithic to the contemporaneous era. I have also been collaborating with some digs outside of France where I try to target Roman and medieval urban contexts. Periods of contact between civilizations, in particular the contact between the Mauritanian era / Roman era in Morocco or the Islamic era in Morocco or Lebanon.




* The macerator was the former osteological preparation site of the Paris Museum where I prepared my first skeletons with Erice Pellé and Pierre Fiquet whom I thank.