My teaching project consists of promoting the techniques, tools and methods for the analysis and design of information systems (operational and decision support ones) such as Data warehouse or data lake for processing, analysing and visualizing data. The following lectures are part of the Master SIAD (Information systems and decision) of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in the curicula Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Sciences (DS).

Since 2021, I teach the course "Multiagent Systems" closed to my research project in the departement of Computer Science .


My research takes part of the works performed by the SMAC team of the CRIStAL laboratory. This work is concerns by the coding of intelligent behaviours for artificial entities. This research projects aims at proposing decentralized computational processes for the management of conflicts between autonomous and interacting agents by supporting their reasoning, decision-making and negotiation.


  • SMASTA+ is a Scala implementation of the Extended Multi-agents Situated Task Allocation.
  • ScaSMATA is a demonstration written in Scala to illustrate situated task allocation
  • MAS4Data is a multi-agent deployment of the MapReduce design pattern in a distributed system setting
  • ScaIA is a library of algorithms which aim at forming coalitions of individuals around some activities
  • ScaMa is a library of algorithms which aim at forming stable marriages.
  • NegoMaze (Java) presents a concrete negotiation scenario where agents are situated in a maze and the negotiation outcome is a cell where they will meet
  • MARGO implements an argumentation framework for practical reasoning in Prolog