Coralie Schoemaecker


My research activities are focused on (copie 1)

My research activities are focused on oxidation processes at the origin of the transformation of hydrocarbons in all reactive systems: combustion, atmosphere, indoors, photocatalysis,…A major part of these transformations takes place in the gaseous phase and involves the HOx (OH and HO2) radicals. In regard of the multiplicity of the hydrocarbon species present in these environments and the potential impact of their oxidation on the formation of pollutants, the air quality and human health (formation of soot, NOx in combustion processes, secondary species such as ozone or secondary aerosol in the atmosphere), but also on the global climate change (constraining the concentration of some greenhouse gas GHG such as ozone and methane), there is a strong need to better understand these transformations. As an example, improving atmospheric chemical mechanisms requires the determination of kinetic parameters in laboratory (rate constant, products yield of elementary reactions) but also the validation of these mechanisms in real environments by comparison between measured and modelled profiles of the oxidants involved in these processes.

Scientific Interests

Transformation of pollutants in the atmosphere and in indoor environments by laboratory and field campaigns approaches