Albert Doja

Professeur des universités -

Albert Doja

Professeur des universités -


Research themes

  • French structural legacy in current anthropology, social sciences and the humanities
  • Global political transformations: human ecology, symbolic approach, and neo-structural analysis
  • Hidden politics: kinship organization, gender construction, reproduction activism, sexuality
  • Identity politics: cultural dynamics, interethnic relations, international migrations
  • Cultural heritage: European integration, identity transformations, and social change
  • Collective representations: knowledge production and cultural transmission
  • Religious politics: ethics, morality, power and theology from religious movement to established religion
  • Religious dynamics: historical legacies, political conditions, social moralities, and intellectual productions

Research projects

  • Heroic anthropology: Toward a neo-structural constructivism
  • Rethinking global society: An anthropological approach to international relations
  • Cultural encounters and migration challenges to European integration: Morphodynamics of core values and identity transformations in Europe
  • Collective representations as a form of power and hegemony in international relations
  • The politics of socio-anthropological knowledge production in East European history
  • Islamic mysticisms, Christian heresies, Millenarian cults and New political-religious movements
  • Post-communist transformations and instrumental folklorism of cultural traditions : identity politics, ethnic conflict and sexual violence