Alain Trentesaux

Professeur des universités - Sciences de la Terre - Sédimentologie

Alain Trentesaux

Professeur des universités - Sciences de la Terre - Sédimentologie


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PhD students under my superision are also indicated in bold.

60- Battiau-Queney, Y., Préat, A., Trentesaux, A., Recourt, P. Bou-Roumazeilles, V. 2020. Late Mississippian limestone sedimentary environment in southern Pembrokeshire (Bullslaughter Bay, Wales): evidence of meteoric diagenesis and hypersaline features. Geological Magazine. DOI:

59-Francescangeli, F., Quijada, M., Armynot-du-Châtelet, E., Fontalini, F., Trentesaux, A. Billon, G. Bouchet, V.M.P., 2020. Multidisciplinary study to monitor consequences of pollution on intertidal benthic ecosystems (Hauts de France, English Channel, France): comparison with natural areas. Marine Environmental Research. DOI: 10.1016/j.marenvres.2020.105034

58-Garcia Moreno, D., Gupta, S., Collier, J., Oggioni, F., Vanneste, K., Trentesaux, A., Verbeeck, K., Versteeg, W., Jomard H., Camelbeeck, T., De Batist, M. 2018. Middle–Late Pleistocene landscape evolution of the Dover Strait inferred from buried and submerged erosional landforms. Quaternary Science Reviews.

57-Aubineau, J., El Albani, A., Chi Fru, E., Giingras, M., Batonneau, Y., Buatois, L.A., Geffroy, C., Labanowski, J., Laforest, C., Lemée, L., Mángano, M.G., Meunier, A., Pierson-Wickmann, A.-C., Recourt, P., Riboulleau, A., Trentesaux, A., Konhauser, K.O., 2018. Unusual microbial mat-related structural duiversity 2.1 billion years ago and implications for the Francevillian biota. Geobiology. 16 (5), 476-497.

56-Hatem, E., Tribovillard, N., Averbuch, O., Bout-Roumazeilles, V., Trentesaux, A., Deconinck, J.-F., Baudin, F., Adatte, T. 2017. Small-scaled lateral variations of an organic-rich formation in a ramp-type depositional environment (the Late Jurassic of the Boulonnais, France): impact of the clastic supply. Bulletin de la Société géologique de France, 188 (5) 31.

55bis-Reynaud, J.Y., Trentesaux, A., El Albani, A., Aubineau, J., Ngombi-Pemba, L., Guiyeligou, G., Bouton, P., Gauthier-Lafaye, F. and Weber, F. (2019) reply to the Discussion by B. Pratt on “Depositional setting of the 2.1 Ga Francevillian macrobiota (Gabon): Rapid mud settling in a shallow basin swept by high-density sand flows.”  Sedimentology, 66 (2), 777-779.

55-Reynaud, J.Y., Trentesaux, A., El Albani, A., Aubineau, J., Ngombi-Pemba, L., Guiyeligou, G., Bouton, P., Gauthier-Lafaye, F., Weber, F. (2017) Depositional setting of the 2.1 Ga Francevillian macrobiota (Gabon): Rapid mud settling in a shallow basin swept by high-density sand flows. Sedimentology, 65(3), 670-701. Doi: 10.1111/sed.12398

54-Lekele Baghekema S.G., Lepot K., Riboulleau A., Fadel A., Trentesaux A., El Albani A. (2017) Nanoscale analysis of preservation of ca. 2.1 Ga old Francevillian microfossils, Gabon. Precarch, 301:1-18.

53-Francescangeli F., Bouchet V.M.P., Trentesaux A., Armynot du Chatelet E. (2017) Does elevation matter ? Living foraminiferal distribution in a hyper tidal salt marsh (Canche Estuary, Northern France). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 194:192-204. hal 01572021.

52-Gupta, S., Collier, J.S., Garcia-Moreno, D., Oggioni, F., Trentesaux, A., Vanneste, K., De Batist, M., Camelbeek, T., Potter, G., Van-Vliet-Lanöe, B., Arthur, J.C.R. (2017). Two-stage opening of the Dover Strait and the origin of ‘island’ Britain. Nature Communications, Article Number 15101. Doi:10.1038/ncoms15101.

51-Onanga Mavotchy N., El Albani A., Trentesaux A., Fontaine C., Pierson-Wickmann A.-C., Boulvais P., Riboulleau A., Ngombi Pemba L., Pambo F., Gauthier-Lafaye F. (2016) The role of the early diagenetic dolomitic concretions in the preservation of the 2.1 Ga paeolenvironmental signal : Paleoproterozoic of the Franceville Basin, Gabon. Comptes Rendus Geosciences, 348, 8, 609-618.

50-Francescangeli, F., Armynot du Chatelet, E., Billon, G., Trentesaux, A., Bouchet, V. M. P. (2016) Palaeo-ecological quality status based on foraminifera of Boulogne-sur-Mer harbour (Pas-de-Calais, Northeastern France) over the last 200 years. Marine Environmental Research,117, 32-43.

49-Margotta, J., Trentesaux, A., Tribovillard, N. (2016) Tidally-modulated infilling of a large coastal plain during the Holocene; the case of the French Flemish Coastal plain. In Tessier, B. and Reynaud, J.-Y. (Eds). Contributions to Modern and Ancient Tidal Sedimentology: Proceedings of the Tidalites 2012 Conference, 243-260. Wiley & Sons, Ltd. DOI: 10.1002/9781119218395.ch14

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47-M’Hammdi, N., Medina, F., Trentesaux, A., Font, E., Belkhayat, Z. & Geawhari, M.-A. (2015) Sedimentary evidence of palaeo-tsunami deposits along the Loukkos estuary (Moroccan Atlantic Coast). Journal of Tsunami Society International, 34(2): 83-100. ISSN 8755-6839.

46-Collier, J.S., Oggioni, F., Gupta, S., Garcia-Moreno, D., Trentesaux, A., de Batist M. (2015) Streamlined islands and the English Channel megaflood hypothesis. Global and Planetary Change, 135, 190-206. DOI: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2015.11.004

45-Delaine M., Armynot du Châtelet E., Bout-Roumazeilles V., Goubert E., Le Cadre V., Recourt P., Trentesaux A., Arthuis R. (2015) Multiproxy approach for Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions from microorganisms (testate amoebae and foraminifera) and sediment analyses : The infilling of the Loire Valley in Nantes (France). The Holocene,25(3):407-420. DOI:

44-Tribovillard, N., Hatem, E., Averbuch, O., Barbecot, F., Bout-Roumazeilles, V.,Trentesaux, A. (2015) Iron availability as a dominant control on the primary composition and diagenetic overprint of organic-matter-rich rocks. Chemical Geology, 401, 67-82.hal 01140047

43-Garcia-Moreno, D., Verbeek, K., Camelbeek, T., De Batist, M., Oggioni, F., Zurita Hurtado, O., Versteeg, W., Jomard, H., Collier, J., Gupta, S., Trentesaux, A., Vanneste, K. (2015). Fault activity in the Epicentral area of the 1580 Dover-Strait/Pas-de-Calais earthquake (North-Western Europe). Geophysical Journal International 201(2) :528-542.

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38-Tribovillard, N., Sansjofre, P, Ader, M., Trentesaux, A., Averbuch, O., Barbecot, F. 2012. Early diagenetic carbonate bed formation at the sediment-water interface triggered by synsedimentary faults. Chemical Geology, 300-301, 1-13. Doi: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2012.01.01.014

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